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Education, who can deny its importance, so why are school budgets around the country under so much pressure?

We understand the importance of good, well funded schools so we have taken the initiative and started addressing the issue by allowing you the opportunity to save money and simultaneously support schools.

Combining utility savings with our pledge to help public services and charities up and down the country satisfies our broad objectives, serving you AND society. We genuinely care which is why we give 70% of our profits away to the causes you get to pick. Are you a headteacher or do you have close ties with the school your children go to? Scroll down the page to see how you can put them in touch with us and have them added to our beneficiary list. Together we can make a difference.

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Since 2015 £2.8bn has been cut from school budgets. Schools are grappling with larger class sizes, increased workloads and the ever-rising costs of day-to-day operations, from energy to textbooks and equipment. The impact on students can not be understated, investment in education is at crisis levels.

Over 2,000 students with special education needs and disabilities are awaiting adequate school provision, these are the government's own figures.

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Whether you have children in school or not we all understand the importance of good schooling. Societies that invest in education benefit from smarter, kinder and more considerate people in the future. WeSwitch4u appreciates the benefit of a stable and harmonious society where good, honest business can flourish and it starts with acknowledging our responsibility in creating that future. We want to show you that businesses can genuinely care about customers and be a force for good. We hope we inspire other businesses to follow suit and help offset the funding shortfall our vital services are experiencing. If you have suggestions on how we can do this better please get in touch here.

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Our Giveback really is a win-win for everyone. It costs the school nothing to sign up so why not help us get your institution on board and benefiting.

  • Are you a headteacher, or are you responsible for the financial decisions made by the school? Is your school increasingly reliant on income generated by the parents association and other revenue streams just to maintain the current standards of education? We want to help! We are improving the awareness of social enterprise businesses, ones that have customer and community interests at the very top of the priority list. Please get in touch using the link below so we can get back to you with information on how we can get you set up on our beneficiary list, it is far easier than you might imagine. The more schools we can sign up the more likely it is that other firms will follow suit, there really is nothing to lose. We hope to hear from you.

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    Are you a student who feels passionately about school funding? You may already know about social enterprises, companies that don't just look to turn a profit but ones that want to improve the world by tackling big problems we all face. Some social enterprises tackle poverty, some tackle environmental issues, but they all exist to do good. As a social enterprise we want to help tackle wealth inequality which has a knock on effect on things like recyling, health and social harmony. Our desire to support schools and save your household money on its energy and insurance bills is one way we hope to achieve that. Do you think your school could be interested? If so please direct them to our site or email us using the link below with the contact details of your school bursor or headteacher and we will get in touch. Together we can make a difference.

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Member of the press?

Are you a journalist? Are you keen to know more about our mission and what we do? Helping improve the awareness of social enterprises is the first step towards a better future. Public benefit companies not only have a direct positive effect on society, but demonstrating to business owners and entrepreneurs of the future the importance of social responsibility will ensure more companies follow a similar path. Please get in touch if you would like to know more: