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What type of house is it?
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How is your water heated?

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*cost values are calculated using a gas rate of 3.3p/kWh and an electricity rate of 14.5p/kWH. The standing charge for both is 22p/day. Please note these figures are merely a guide.

Electric Shower, Gas Heating 1

If you pay for gas and electricity but your bath or shower has a device similar to figure 1 then you have a electric shower that draws on a cold water supply and heats the water on demand.

Immersion Hot water, Gas Heating 2

If you have a device that looks like this in the property and there is a device bolted to the top or the side of the tank (much like the grey device in the illustration), then your hot water stored in a tank and kept hot by an electric filament

Gas Hot Water & Heating

If you can’t find a hot water tank, and you don’t have an electric shower unit as described above, then your hot water and central heating likely use gas only.

Electric Only

If you only pay for electricity and you can see no evidence of a boiler or any gas device then the property is only supplied with electricity.

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Figure 2