Putting people and principles above profit

It's no surprise that insurance and energy has a bad rep! When firms are solely focused on making as much profit as possible, customers don't tend to fare too well. We put you and our social benefit objectives above profit, because we believe some things are more important than making money.

WeSwitch4u has a refreshing take on business, a model that makes for a better future. We genuinely care about our customers and their communities which is why we pledge to give 70% of our profits away to good causes, ones selected by you!

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Laying the foundations for a brighter future

We believe the measure of a successful society is not how well the rich and affluent live, but how the more vulnerable members of the public are considered. On that basis it seems as though we are underperforming despite a general feeling that more should, and could be done. By offering our customers a service with a social benefit component we hope we can serve two important purposes… saving you money, and assisting you in helping those causes that matter.

Our "giveback" clause is contractually defined! Not "we'll try", or "if we can"... it's part of our terms and conditions, that's how serious we are.

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Leading By Example

WeSwitch4u was created by people who would rather do great things and get paid fairly, than do "fairly normal" things and get paid great. How can we offer this service, give the majority of our profit away, and still survive? Simple, we're just not that greedy! We're transparent about what we make, and we don't have any hungry investors who need to get paid in the process. Simple responsible and considerate business, where everyone is better off. Our list of beneficiaries is always growing.. what worthy cause will you pick to support whilst you save money and time?

Just some of the causes we support..

    Our Values, Our Message

    We want to encourage an environment where corporate social responsibility is considered from the very outset of businesses design, not some loosely incorporated afterthought.

    • Founded in sunny Southend-On-Sea, our town has been hit hard in the last decade just like many other seaside towns around the country. The overwhelming pressure being placed on public services in our community inspired us to create a business that was just as focused on helping people as it was in making money. WeSwitch4u was born out of the need to assist households with two of the most common expenses, insurance and energy. We quickly realised that our service could benefit a whole host of people, time-strapped households being one, but also those who aren't overly confident navigating the insurance and energy market. One thing that everyone has in common regardless of how this service might be able to help them is the intrinsic desire to care for one another, and that’s why our Giveback is the feature we’re most proud of.

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      As tough as it may be to convince you, we are fighting your corner. WeSwitch4u was faced with a variety of business models when we setup. Put simply, we could offer our service for 'free' and earn commissions from suppliers/providers when we place you into contracts with them, OR, we can charge you a fair and transparent amount, leaving us free to find the very best deals for you. You've probably guessed which one we picked… See for us to truly have our customers best interests at heart, we've decided to remove any prospect of a conflict of interest. The result is that you have a company you can actually trust, a service that cares about you, and your community. The insurance and energy market needed this, and we need you to support us so we can change this for the better, starting with lowering the cost of your bills, and keeping them low year after year.

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