About us

Founded to do more than just save you money. We are a group of real people creating honest solutions to real problems, all in the hope of creating a brighter future.

Jan, 2019

Auto-switching appears to be a natural progression of comparison sites but when our founder Haroon conceived the idea back in 2016 auto-switching was unheard of. Since then a few have popped up, but as the only auto-switching service to operate in insurance AND energy we are the only firm that's authorised and regulated by the FCA.

WeSwitch4u is the most consumer-focused aggregator service around, period. Whilst other firms might dangle words like 'free' and 'great reviews' in front of you in the hope of attracting your business, we operate on merit and honesty, the old-fashioned way. Not only are we good for society (we give the majority of our profits to good causes), but ours is the best value proposition around and we actually care about you, not just today, but always.

  • Haroon, Founder

  • Haroon started weSwitch4u to save people money, but more importantly to demonstrate that ethical and responsible businesses could operate and thrive in a market as cut-throat and predatory as insurance and energy. Previously an Investment Manager who worked in London and NYC for almost a decade, Haroon wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on society, which is why the way we save you money and how we run is just as important as the saving itself.

    "I like to think of myself as a problem solver, so when I founded weSwitch4u I was excited about all the things we would be able to tackle to make your life easier. In the process of creating this fantastic service, we have stumbled upon other problems which we have addressed with features unique to our service. 'Dual contact' for example allows you to register an account for your elderly parents and attach yourself as an additional contact so we can save them money but you can be kept in the loop to keep an eye on things for your peace of mind.

    It's a challenging time to start a business like this because large companies are dominating industries we all rely on for basic goods and services, and it's rare to find them not abusing those positions of power. Firms that operate for 'profit only' have shown time and time again that they will abuse our loyalty and trust. In contrast, I want weSwitch4u to be a firm that people can feel entirely comfortable trusting and I know that will take time, work and continued effort to demonstrate we deserve that from you. The world is accustomed to quick fixes but I am under no illusions that it's going to take a mighty effort to reverse the decades of mistrust customers have experienced at the hands of insurance and energy firms (well actually it's not really the energy suppliers or insurance firms that are really at fault, it's the comparison sites but that's another story).

    It's difficult to demonstrate just how passionate we are because insurance and energy isn't the kind of thing people get excited about, but we are motivated by the short, medium and long term potential of the service, and the indirect benefits of doing what we do. With your support we can make big changes to the way the insurance and energy markets operate, transitioning to a fairer and easier way to purchase them. It's quite nice to know that we can save you money doing it, and help your community too."

  • Lloyd, Creative Director

  • Like Haroon, Lloyd grew up in Southend-On-Sea, Essex. Lloyd has spent a decade working in the creative industries and his skills span website graphics/design, animation, video editing, marketing and photography. These diverse skills have helped shape our user-interface, graphics and overall site to make it what it is today.

    "When Haroon made me aware of just how common overcharging is in insurance and energy I have to say I was shocked. We hear it in the press all the time but I think many of us believe the savings, for us at least, are marginal. I guess that's because we don't want to admit we've ignored the situation for so long.

    When Haroon described how to create a service that doesn't just save people money but can start to address some of the things we all care about I had to be a part of it. The idea of saving people money and serving communities too seems too good to be true but once you meet Haroon and understand his passion and enthusiasm, as well as his thorough understanding of how it all works it's not hard to get excited about it too. I keep telling him he should get in front of the camera but he's more action, less talk. I'm pleased to be part of a team of regular people who understand regular issues just trying to do something genuinely positive, it makes me think there are decent people out there and that not everyone is hell-bent on being a billionaire."

  • David, Insurance specialist

  • David is a specialist insurance broker who advises us on the insurance aspect of our service. Working in the city of London and regularly conducting activity in the famous Lloyds of London building, David has over a decade worth of experience in insurance and his input has been paramount in helping us develop the first insurance switching service of its kind.

    "When you ask people what they think about insurance the words 'rip-off' and 'joke' often come up. Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies haven't been that profitable over the last few years, not in retail insurance at least.

    WeSwitch4u helps prevent customers overpaying, but what I believe is just as important is how it sheds light on just how dysfunctional the way we purchase insurance is. I share Haroon's vision for a fairer and easier way to purchase energy and insurance, it really shouldn't be this difficult or expensive. The added benefit of supporting worthy causes really is the icing on the cake, I'm surprised someone didn't think of it sooner if I'm honest."

  • Richard, Lead Developer

  • Richard, is one of our lead developers. Richard has a keen eye for detail and design as well as being a hugely competent developer. He is well versed in a range of topics and, like all of the team, is an advocate of increased social responsibility by the more fortunate members of society. Having worked on startups before, Richard has been instrumental in weSwitch4u and plays an active role in the development of our brand and service.

    "Richard will shortly update his profile, check back soon to view his comments."

  • Kaspar, Lead Developer

  • Kaspar is one of our lead developers. His coding skills are second to none, but as someone who has a deep interest in social betterment and environmental issues, he sees the potential in the venture. In conjunction with Richard, our other lead developer, there is very little they can't fabricate or solve. From our dedicated mailboxes to our proprietary switch saving index (SSI), and our handy energy map, the service would not have been possible without their determination and skill.

    "I started coding before I was 10 years old, and I have continued to develop and hone my skills ever since. When Haroon approached me about the project I remember thinking it would be a challenge and a good way for me to continue to develop my coding ability.

    As I got stuck in I started to appreciate how neat the idea was and how the various things we do differently sum to an incredibly powerful platform. It's great to know we are doing our bit for society too, I think socially aware businesses are going to become increasingly popular in the future.

    We live in an age now where platforms that can be used by millions can be developed at a fraction of what it would have cost a decade or so ago. Being a regulated business has meant we've had to develop a far more robust system than would otherwise be the case but it's a great feeling knowing that what we have built can save people so much money and benefit worthy causes too."

  • Saleem, Data Scientist

  • Saleem is a maths teacher, and also Haroon's dad. Sharing many of Haroon's views on social issues and solutions Saleem uses his understanding of mathematics and statistics to help develop various aspects of the service. As our customer base grows the results data science methods yield will increase, resulting in a better service for you and bigger savings.

    "When Haroon decided to embark on this startup journey I have to admit I was a little nervous. He was doing well in the city beforehand and I was concerned he was being a tad naive trying to launch a regulated business that gives most of its profits to charity, all without any external funding. He's done a fantastic job and in the process, he's taught me a huge amount about how insurance companies, energy providers and comparison sites make money. It's a real eye-opener.

    Unlike others, Haroon isn't one to deviate from the task, so I hope people recognise his sincere desire to create something positive and useful. He's really keen to demonstrate that communities and society can flourish if we all do a little bit more to look out for each other and I am happy to help him in any way I can."

Whether you are passionate about insurance and/or energy, or passionate about social issues and discussing solutions, we love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at contact@weswitch4u.com with the name of the person you'd like to address your email to in the subject line and we will do our best to get back to you. You can also follow/find us on social media using the links in the footer.