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We save you money on your Car Insurance and Energy every year.
  • We save you more than other 'free' services
  • We are the only auto-switching service regulated by the FCA
  • We don't take your payment information upfront
  • We only charge you £50 when we can save you at least £100

Start saving now Big Giveback

Sign up once, get great prices on your insurance AND energy all year, every year. For every £10 profit, £7 goes to good causes selected by you.

We don't receive commissions from suppliers or insurers, our switching service is truly impartial. We find the deals that work for you, not for us.

Why we're better than the rest…

FCA authorised and regulated

FCA approved

Trust a firm that is approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to keep you on the best deals. As of July 2019 we are the only auto-switching service to be regulated.

No commissions

No conflicts

We don’t take any commissions from any insurance providers or energy suppliers. Simply put we can find the lowest prices because we don't get paid by suppliers.

Save you more money

We cover the entire energy market, yes all of it, and vast majority of insurance providers. We take advantage of referral codes to leave you better off than any other firm.

EU support

We’re supported by a European Development Fund that assists new startups that care about consumers and want to change the market for the better.

Data powered

Our powerful algorithms combined with our ability to search the entire market result in the lowest prices for you.

Easy to use

Our customer account is easy to use and full of features. We are constantly working on ways to save you more money, more easily.

Not keen on filling out forms?

Try "FormFree" on energy bills... just snap or scan your latest bill

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See what our customers are saying

WeSwitch4u wasn't what I expected... I thought I was going to be charged up front, so I was a little wary.. but there are no details taken until you are saved a certain amount of money and accept the deal they give you...

Manages my Energy provider and Car insurance. Saved £500+/year by switching from EDF to a green provider. Their algorithm always keeps me in the most efficient quartile for my consumption needs. Love the customer service. Keep it up.

A trustworthy company with excellent customer service and communication, an easy on-line account and a simple switch. I'm delighted that they saved me £156 a year with a new supplier and would highly recommend to others.

Save money

Save Money

Ofgem research finds comparing and switching energy supplier can cut your utility bills by over £350 a year. Let us ‘shop around’ for the best energy deals for you.


Save Time

You could save hours by allowing us to monitor, manage and switch your insurance or energy service, always in the comfort of knowing you're not overpaying

Big heart

Give Back

We give back a significant proportion of our profits (70%), as part of our commitment to make a difference as well as saving you time and money

Lower bills. Made simple.

Save money and eliminate surprisingly-high bills with three simple steps.

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Create your free account on our website. It’s a simple process that’ll only take a minute.
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Take the hard work out of switching by sending us your old energy bills or submit them online. Your data is 100% secure.
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Enjoy lower bills without the hassle as we automatically switch you to the best insurance and energy deals.
Save money

It’s all about helping charity

WeSwitch4u is committed to giving back. 70% of our profits are dedicated to good causes and you get to choose which causes your money will go to.

We want to be transparent about what we make and what we give back. Below you can see how your £50 is broken down. In this example, £37 represents costs to run the service. This includes everything from staff costs to overheads, insurance etc. We’re left with £13, from which we give £10 to the cause you select. In time, we hope to push our costs down further, thereby increasing the donation amount.

Graphic showing the breakdown of the £50 subscription fee